Radiobericht im Bayerischen Runkfunk über die Asyl-Monologe.

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The person taking the interview told me at first that I had to tell everything according to the Ethopian calendar. This is what I did. Suddenly he interrupted me and told me I was to tell the whole story again according to the European calendar. - They intentionally try to mess up the minds of refugees in order to make them fail.


A performance which appears to absorb the audience.

Funkhaus Europa



Due to its simplicity and documentary nature of the scripts, no time intensive rehearsals are necessary. Therefore the productions can be performed at any time at any place from local actors and musicians: in a church in Berlin, at an open air stage in Dortmund, a small community center in a small village in Lower Saxony and at a conference about asylum issues in Hamburg.

100 professional actors and musicians nationwide have participated until today at Bühne für Menschenrechte.

This concept is not only an innovative answer to the usual problem that artistic work about human rights issues often experience only a few performances, but the network of actors can also be used for the dissemination of plays about urgent questions of human rights and against various forms of discrimination.


Photo: Horst Baumann
As documentary theatre is accessible to everyone independent of an interest in the arts, it opens the door to a broad audience to a topic which usually leads to slipping the page in the newspaper or changing the TV channel.

Bühne für Menschenrechte organizes its performances in cooperation with a variety of local organisations which work in the field of human rights, antiracism and migration. These groups and institutions are invited to use the performances to awake interest in spectators and to motivate them to write a protest letter to their district administrator, to hold a candle at a picket or to reflect on what it means to be the owner of an EU passport.



Darbietungen der Bühne Für Menschenrechte

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