Radiobericht im Norddeutschen Runkfunk über die Asyl-Monologe.

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Then prints were taken of hands and feet. And they shot some fotos. I was totally depressed because I had not expected this. You are on the flight from one country and then this is happening to you.



And it is no theatre fiction at all, but happened in real life. Here in Germany, at this moment. Within reach and painfully close.

GODOT - Das Hamburger Theatermagazin

Actors for Human Rights United Kingdom


Bühne für Menschenrechte is inspired by the highly successful organization Actors for Human Rights (AFHR) in the United Kingdom. Since AFHR launched in the UK in 2006, the network has performed to several 10,000 people.

In feedback forms, 91% of the audience members report that the performance has encouraged them to become more active in the issues raised.



The UK network comprises of over 600 professional actors and musicians and the success of the first production, Asylum Monologues, has led to the development of eight further productions (Asylum Dialogues being one of them) which also have been performed outside the UK (Belgium, Norway, Ireland and Australia).

Further productions of AFHR UK are The Illegals (about illegalized immigrants in the UK), The Rendition Monologues (about the "extraordinary renditions" of the CIA outside the USA), The Palestine Monologues, Broke (about poverty and homelessness in the UK), 7 Years with Hard Labour (about former political prisoners in Burma), Listen to Me (about marginalized children worldwide and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) and Getting On (about the situation of elder people in the UK).

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." (M.L.K., jr.) For Bühne für Menschenrechte being silent is not an option and follows the British model, which also got sceptical reactions first, but now shapes public opinion more and more: story by story, actor by actor, performance by performance.



Darbietungen der Bühne Für Menschenrechte

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05.04.2017 - Die NSU-Monologe



07.04.2017 - Die NSU-Monologe



18.04.2017 - Die NSU-Monologe

Frankfurt am Main


27.04.2017 - Die Asyl-Monologe



05.05.2017 - Die NSU-Monologe



28.05.2017 - Die NSU-Monologe





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