Radiobericht im Norddeutschen Runkfunk über die Asyl-Monologe.

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I said "Here it is the same like in the prison. And I'm scared of this iron curtain. And you psychologically put me under pressure." I organised a translator and she said it. They said "We don't care."


Simple, direct and impressive.

GODOT - Das Hamburger Theatermagazin

Reactions to the "Asylum Monologues"

Authentic, very impressive and deeply moving.

Johanna Glaser - Organisator of the “Festival contre le racisme" Cologne 2011

Acting and staging impressive.

Oumarou Maman Salissou
- Activist from Carawane and The Voice Refugee Forum

More striking than any movie could possibly be. I closed my eyes and a new world came into existence - with all its uglyness and beauty at the same time.

Fabian Borghoff - Grenzfrei Festival Münster

Convincing through its clarity and forcefulness, the Asylum Monologues embarrass and outrage us about the spirit and practice of the German - and European - asylum law. A magnificient accomplishment.

Thurid Gertich - Borderline Europe

A new form of making the struggle of asylum seekers against discriminatory laws and rules and its restrictive interpretation through administrations and courts visible.

Markus Roth - Alliance against camps Berlin/Brandeburg

Plausible and touching - especially because the music intensifiyes the performance.

Stephan Geuenich - Initiative migration Rosenheim

The alteration of the narrations and the different styles of acting create a rhythm which one cannot escape. Explicit, forthright. Pure theatre!

Regina Backhaus - Centre for Interreligious Dialogue Berlin

With their creative will, their courage and their hope which never dies, the protagonists of the Asylum Monologues can be role models for adolescents.

Kathrin Hennig, Ev. Jugend Kirchenkreis Berlin Nord-Ost

The Actors for Human Rights let us pause within the hectic European Summer Academy with 1300 people from 38 countries: The Monologues strike a chord with us, sharpen our senses and encourage at the some time not to look away. For me, one of the highlights of the ENA 2011 in Freiburg.

Jutta Sundermann -
Coordination team of
attac Germany

Impressively realistic and impressively human.

Maria Anneser -
AsylCafé Passau

Excellently researched, expressive and believable.

Lydia Rueckert -
Mentor in the

The performance took me into a world in which I - altough I knew this world before - made several new discoveries.
Great actors. A fascinating way of telling a story. Authentic. So straightforward, but so effective.

Beriwan H. Ramazan -
Association of students
from Kurdistan

Damn impressive. The play got a few metres under my skin.

Maike Wäscher,
refugio Villingen

Not only authentic, but also for a broad audience accessible. The concept shows impressively what art is capable of doing.

Sören Schneider - president of Young Social Democrats Dachau


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Darbietungen der Bühne Für Menschenrechte

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17.7.2017 - Asyl-Dialoge Marburg


6.9.2017 - Die NSU-Monologe



7.9.2017 - Die NSU-Monologe



8.9.2017 - Die NSU-Monologe



8.9.2017 - Die NSU-Monologe 

türkische Fassung Berlin


9.9.2017- NSU-Monologe



10.9.2017 - Die NSU-Monologe



23.9.2017 - Die NSU - Monologe




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