Amadeu Antonio Award 2015 of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation Selected out of 284 applicants with first prize. The award values the work of artists who are engaged against racism and who shape diversity with creative means.
Honorific speech of Friedhelm Boginski, mayor of Eberswalde:

Actors for Human Rights (…) addresses one of the most important topics of our times. They do this in a decidedly impressive manner, with an artistic concept which is outstanding due to its simplicity.

Kathrin Buhl Award
2014 of the foundation ‚North South Bridges‘
The Kathrin Buhl Award for work of development politics go to initiatives which projects put self-determination and societal participation into the center.

Honorific speech of Walter Hättig, foundation ‚North South Bridges‘

The jury was very impressed by the innovative and methodologically well adopted idea (…). The previous performances of the theater play have triggered a lot. In many cities initiatives, groups and even organisations were founded after the performances (…) The ‚Asylum Monologues‘ is a quiet theater play, it is not fomenting, it narrates in a simple way. It is concrete, insistently, and very touching.

The Epiphany Award 2012 of diocesan Berlin. Integration award of the diocesan of Berlin. This award should inspire to pave the way for a togetherness of people of different nationalities, religions, languages and cultures.

Honorific speech:

As professional actors narrate the biographies (…), the life stories gain intensity and forcefulness. The actors succeeded to bring the difficult topics of „refugees and asylum“ to the hearts of the audience in a profound and intense manner.

Nationwide competition „Active for Democracy and Tolerance“ 2011 The Award values the commitment of project which inspires others and triggers them to become active.  
Honorific speech of Prof. Wolfgang Benz, former director of the ‚Center for Research about Antisemitism‘ Berlin:

We consider it [The Asylum Monologues] as a very important project.