We conduct interviews to develop our theater plays. These interviews take several hours, sometimes a few days. Then we transform these testimonials into monologues. It is important that we do not invent or add anything. We only shorted and shorten the interviews.

We also keep the original wording of the interviewees.

This form of theatre is called ‚verbatim‘ or ‚word by word‘ theater.

Actors on stage then reproduce the stories.

The result is pure and direct:

It is, as if the actors directly speak to the audience, put forth their hand to the spectators and draw them in a world which will not leave the audience cold any longer.

Intertwined, connected and linked with the protagonists of the play, the audience curiously follows the paths of the narrated stories.

When the actors whisper, be silent, carefully throw a word into the room, from time to time become louder, rise their voices demanding or enraged, once even nearly scream, then the sound does not reach the spectators in an abstract manner, then the audience will be struck and touched by the spoken words with their full body.