For our new theater production, The Monologues of the Mediterranean, we search for interview partners.

Actors for Human Rights Germany performed the Asylum Monologues, Asylum Dialogues, and NSU Monologues in 250 cities over 600 times.

Yet, the need to resist the continuing European policy of closed doors and the increasingly hostile policy against refugees, still continues.

Consequently, we urgently work on a new production, The Monologues of the Mediterranean (working title).

As in the past, we want to spread voices that are not heard otherwise and give attention to the invisible.

Currently, we are in our primary research phase.

We are especially interested in

  • people, who were fleeing from their homeland to Europe (over sea or overland routes) and want a bigger audience to know of their experience,
  • activists in the fields of rescue at sea (protagonists for example from Seawatch or Alarmphone) and overcoming borders (topics could be: solidarity, criminalization, success stories), or
  • people, who were or are still separated from their loved ones because of the so called fortress Europe and are ready to talk about the separation phases, their hurtful losts, or their moments of reunion.

Since the stories are performed by professional artists, this allows, if wanted, an anonymous participation in the project.

Who can help us in our research through competent information, connections, or interview partners?

Please contact us through email: info at

Thanks for your support

Michael Ruf

Artistic director of Actors for Human Rights Germany